Spread the Word

“Fiscally, the mission of the BerkShares really makes sense.  You know, to keep it in town.  We all talk like that, but it’s a way to put your money where your mouth is. It really does affect your wallet when money leaves town.”  Eric Wilska, The Bookloft


The success of BerkShares is in the hands of the local community – literally. The simplest (and most important) way to get involved is to exchange some federal money for BerkShares and start using them! Educate yourself by downloading the BerkShares Basics pdf, and be prepared to engage in informal conversations when the people around you notice those colorful, crisp bills. Entering any business and asking, “Do you accept BerkShares?” is enough to get the ball rolling and encourage more business owners to participate.  Below are some ways that citizens or business owners can spread the word about BerkShares. If you are interested in volunteering for BerkShares events please send us an email at [email protected].


BerkShares Accepted Here stickerDownload the business sign up form here and bring it to any business where you would like to spend BerkShares.  Download the BerkShares Accepted Here image and use it on your invoices or on your website, to let people know you accept BerkShares.   We can also send you materials in the mail.  Write to us at [email protected] or at P.O. Box 125 Great Barrington, MA 01230 or call us at (413) 528-1737.


Easy Ridin' Papas play a BerkShares event

You can become a voting member of BerkShares, Inc. Membership is open to all residents of the Berkshire Region who are interested in the promotion of local and regional economic self-sufficiency. Members must pay an annual membership fee and attend an annual meeting, where they elect the Board of Trustees and review major BerkShares policy decisions.


We often host BerkShares events.  If you'd like to co-host or volunteer for one of these events please get in touch. 


We have a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Stay tuned and we will be posting an online sign-up form soon.


A local currency internship is seasonally available through the Schumacher Center for a New Economics.  If you are interested in becoming involved in another capacity please contact us at [email protected]