Unapologetically Treat Your Sweetheart(s)

Are you still banking with an international mega-bank? Isn't it time to align your money with your values by moving to a community bank? BerkShares’ partner banks Adams Community Bank, Lee Bank, Pittsfield Cooperative Bank, and Salisbury Bank and Trust Company have offices conveniently located throughout Berkshire County.
At each, you meet warm, personal service. Branch managers and staff are happy to walk you through opening new checking accounts for business, retirement, or personal use, setting up online banking, seamlessly transferring funds from your old bank to your new one, syncing the accounts with your mobile phone, and arranging for automatic bill pay and direct deposit. Some can even pair you up with a local wealth manager to look after your investments, or help you establish a fund for a college education, an upcoming wedding, a neighbor faced with a tragic event, or a new American family in the Berkshires.
This Valentine's season take action to share your wealth and show your love for the regional banks, local businesses, non-profits, and community that make up our Berkshire economy. At the same time, (go ahead!) use BerkShares to treat your sweetheart(s) with…
    •    a greeting card full of BerkShares purchased from our participating banks, along with a directory of the 400 businesses that accept our local currency.
    •    a big bag of birdseed from Baldwin’s Hardware for your favorite birdwatcher
    •    a delicately beautiful orchid or a fragrant lemon tree from Ward's Nursery
    •    a relaxing manicure and pedicure from Seven Salon Spa
    •    a stack of chocolate bars and a bouquet of flowers from Berkshire Co-op Market
    •    a first bicycle for a grandchild from Berkshire Bike & Board
    •    a romantic epic or a volume of Shakespeare’s sonnets from The Bookstore
    •    a perfect haircut from Berkshire Styles in Sheffield or Mary Bradway’s salon in Copake
    •    a handful of oil or acrylic paints from JWS Art Supplies for the artist on your list
    •    a necklace or earrings from Berkshire Gold & Silversmith, Evergreen, Heirlooms Jewelry, or Seeds & Co.
    •    an assortment of sweet-smelling lotions, potions, and candles from One Mercantile, Asia Luna, or Crystal Essence
    •    a scenic flight over the Berkshires piloted by Teamflys in North Adams
    •    an extravagant (or practical) new pair of shoes from Shooz in Lenox
    •    a weekend in the Berkshires for your in-laws in one of the Red Lion Inn's beautifully appointed overnight rooms
    •    a romantic dinner at John Andrews, Café Adam, or Swiss Hutte
    •    a new pair of winter boots from Barrington Outfitters
    •    a flashy new pan for your favorite cook from The Chef’s Shop
    •    a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious toy from Matrushka, Tom’s Toys, or The Gifted Child
    •    a year's subscription to Orion Magazine to be enjoyed issue after issue
    •    a tax return prepared by Alan Glackman, CPA, so as to ease that worrisome burden
    •    a catch-up lunch and glass of wine with an old friend at Bizalion's Fine Food or Rubi’s Café
    •    a spread of bagels, lox, and cream cheese from the Great Barrington Bagel Company – need we say more?
    •    a set of new tires for that niece or nephew’s old car from Seward's Tires – to know they will be safe
    •    a basket of local spirits from Berkshire Mountain Distillers, along with the distillers’ favorite recipes
    •    a fresh makeover and a bag full of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics or Vapour Organic Beauty from Face Haven
    •    a step-by-step legal consultation for your favorite young entrepreneur from attorneys Hunter & Graziano, Peter Vallianos, Dennis Downing, or Hellman, Shearn & Arienti, LLP
    •    a Community Supported Agriculture share from Indian Line Farm, Many Forks Farm, or Woven Roots Farm.
    •    a dinner, gift certificate, dessert – really anything from Prairie Whale
    •    a membership in Berkshire Grown or other favorite non-profit(s)
    •    record a Valentine’s message at WSBS to go out on the local airwaves

Let your imagination run wild! Use the tag #berksharethelove to tell us how you are celebrating. And business owners, let us know your Valentine’s Day specials and we’ll share them with our social media audience!
Keep the good energy flowing.