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BerkShares Tote

Shop stylishly with one of our beautiful, long-lasting tote bags! All proceeds will support BerkShares local currency and BerkShares programs such as Entry to Entrepreneurship. These high-quality totes are made made with organic cotton grown in the USA by Enviro-Tote, a women-owned business in Bedford, New Hampshire. The bag design was developed by the designer of BerkShares, John Isaacs.

Bags are only $20 or 20 BerkShares, plus shipping. (Magic Fluke ukulele not included). If you would like to pay by check please send your payment to BerkShares, Inc., P.O. Box 125 Great Barrington, MA 01230, and be sure to include your shipping address.


BerkShares Postcards

Let people around the world know about the Berkshire Region's local currency by sending them a postcard! Purchase sets of postcards here or contact us if you would like to pay with a check. Wholesale prices are available to businesses that would like to retail the cards.

Our cards retail for 1 BerkShare apiece and come in five different "denominations," just like the bills themselves. Different size sets are available by mail, individual cards are only available at participating retailers. Each card includes a description with details about the heroes and artwork featured on each bill, as well as contact information. Contact us with questions: 413 528 1737 or [email protected].



BerkShares Educational Packet + Tote

The BerkShares Educational Packet is a great way for interested parties outside the Berkshires to support and familiarize themselves with the BerkShares local currency program while supporting our operations.  The Packet includes non-circulating proofs of BerkShare notes, reading and other program materials and information, and our BerkShares-branded, American-made tote bag. The Packet costs $80, which includes shipping and handling within the United States ($15 for international shipping). You may pay online by credit card or checks may be made payable to BerkShares, Inc. 


The BerkShares Educational Packet Includes:

- Proofs of the 1, 5, 10, and 20 BerkShare notes (in any printing process there are preliminary prints made known as proofs; proofs do not have serial numbers and they are not valid for the purchase of goods and services.)

- One American-made, organic cotton BerkShares tote bag

- One BerkShares Basics document with tips for accounting and spending BerkShares

- One “BerkShares Accepted Here” Sticker

- One CD of video news clips of BerkShares coverage and an informational Power Point presentation

- One copy of Democratizing Monetary Issue: Vision and Implementation in the Berkshire Region of the U.S.,a pamphlet by Schumacher Center Executive Director Susan Witt on the background and thought surrounding local currencies. (Other digital Schumacher Center pamphlets — along with many articles about local currencies — are available on the Schumacher Center website for free, and printed copies are available for purchase).


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