For Businesses

“BerkShares work just like U.S. cash. It’s surprising to a lot of businesses because they can just do it.  It’s not complicated. Once you take them in it is best to keep them circulating by spending them at one of the other 400 participating businesses.” Scott Laugenour, The Kemble Inn and Table Six Restaurant.


If you're a business owner in the Berkshire Region BerkShares exist to support businesses like yours.  BerkShares keep our money circulating locally—from hand to hand to hand—prioritizing local trade and production and minimizing the money that leaks out of the local economy to credit card companies, outside suppliers, and gigantic banks. And BerkShares, Inc. is here to help promote your business as a special part of the Berkshire business community.


Compared to large national or multi-national corporations, locally owned businesses contribute more to the local and state tax base, provide better and more stable employment opportunities (especially youth), and are more likely to purchase from other local businesses. Businesses such as yours therefore play an essential role in sustaining and enriching the vitality of our community.


Why accept BerkShares? Businesses that accept BerkShares distinguish themselves in the eyes of consumers as locally owned and community-minded.


Businesses benefit from
•    Increased patronage
•    Free listing on the BerkShares website, which draws 110,000 views per year.
•    Free listing in the BerkShares directory, which is distributed to BerkShares Exchange Banks
•    Promotion in BerkShares ads in local newspapers, radio, and other public venues
•    National and international press coverage brought to the region by BerkShares


By accepting BerkShares, merchants are helping to establish markets for locally made products, providing an incentive for the growth of home-based industries, and creating opportunities for high-quality employment and business start-ups in the region.


How do I start accepting BerkShares?  If you are a business owner in the Berkshire region and would like to sign up to accept BerkShares and to recieve a free directory listing and free advertising in our materials, please fill out all applicable fields in this online form.


It's easy and it's free!

The information you enter will be added to the BerkShares Directory.  Your business information will be listed on our web directory, in future printed materials, and in our print advertising. Please mark as ‘private’ any contact information which you would prefer not to make public.

By registering for listing in the BerkShares Directory, a business is agreeing to accept BerkShares for full or partial payment for its goods and services.  BerkShares, Inc. reserves the right to edit and/or select entries. Confirmation of the listing will be sent by email and additional materials about BerkShares will be sent by mail.