Workshop: Bringing "Buy Local" Full Circle with co-host Adams Council on Aging

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 12:30pm



Adams Council on Aging,

3 Hoosac Street, Adams.

 Co-host: Adams Council on Aging.

This fall, BerkShares, Inc. is teaming up with the Berkshire Office of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network (MSBDC) and organizations across Berkshire County to facilitate a series of interactive workshops that will collect community-generated local business ideas. We hope you will join us.

Because our students in the Entry To Entrepreneurship program are often too young to have much life experience, they sometimes have a hard time identifying business opportunities. To give them a head start this year, we thought we would try "crowd-sourcing" good business ideas from our community.

Building on the community engagement and experiential learning principles embedded in Entry To Entrepreneurship, workshop participants will be led through a Rapid Business Build Out process to develop a one-page plan for local business opportunities. Collectively, these will become a library of business possibilities that seed the next cohort of youth entrepreneurs in 2017's Entry To Entrepreneurship program.
Keith Girouard, Berkshire Regional Director of the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network, explains his organization’s interest this way, "we see this as a bold and worthy experiment: can we leverage community capital to give our young entrepreneurs a better chance to launch successful businesses?”

Facilitators: Alice Maggio, Executive Director of BerkShares, Inc. and Keith Girouard, Senior Business Advisor at MSBDC  

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