Dale McDonald

Dale McDonald is an organic blueberry farmer in Falls Village, Connecticut, She lives in Falls Village, Connecticut and New York City.  She left Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, for a secretarial job on Wall Street in 1972.  In 1988 she left New York City, pregnant with her second child Catherine, a successful debt-options trader having grown her income seventy-five fold.  She raised her three children in Greenwich where she learned the reigns of community and political activism.  Dale moved to her beloved farm seven years ago, whose acreage she has converted from a foreign invasive din to a flourishing organic paradise.  She thrives, as do the tributaries of her life, around the breakthrough understanding that we are OF the land, not on it. She continues political, community and land activism when she is not painting or writing.  The Berkshare Board gives her an opportunity to blend her love of group energy, with enhanced community focus and economics.