BerkShares Banks

BerkShares can be obtained at any of the following local bank branches in exchange for U.S. dollars at a rate of 95 cents per BerkShare. The federal dollars remain on deposit at the BerkShares Exchange Banks in order to allow citizens to redeem BerkShares for dollars at the same exchange rate. At the bank, 95 dollars will yield 100 BerkShares and 100 BerkShares will yield 95 dollars. BerkShares can be spent at face value with participating businesses—for example, 10 BerkShares can be used for a $10 purchase. Which community banks participate?


Adams Community Bank


Lee Bank

93 Park Street, Adams

279 Main Street, Great Barrington

75 South Street, Cheshire

75 Park Street, Lee

545 South Main Street, Lanesboro

450 Pittsfield-Lenox Road, Lenox

45 Park Street, Lee

75 North Street, Pittsfield

7 Main Street, Lenox

3 Elm Street, Stockbridge

31 Eagle Street, North Adams


273 Main Street, Williamstown



Pittsfield Cooperative Bank


Salisbury Bank and Trust Company

325 Main Street, Great Barrington

210 Main Street, Great Barrington


640 North Main Street, Sheffield


51 Main Street, South Egremont