BerkShares Info Packet

BerkShares Educational Packet + Tote

The BerkShares Educational Packet is a great way for interested parties outside the Berkshires to support and familiarize themselves with the BerkShares local currency program while supporting our operations.  The Packet includes non-circulating proofs of BerkShare notes, reading and other program materials and information, and our BerkShares-branded, American-made tote bag. The Packet costs $80, which includes shipping and handling within the United States ($15 for international shipping). You may pay online by credit card or checks may be made payable to BerkShares, Inc. 


The BerkShares Educational Packet Includes:

- Proofs of the 1, 5, 10, and 20 BerkShare notes (in any printing process there are preliminary prints made known as proofs; proofs do not have serial numbers and they are not valid for the purchase of goods and services.)

- One American-made, organic cotton BerkShares tote bag

- One BerkShares Basics document with tips for accounting and spending BerkShares

- One “BerkShares Accepted Here” Sticker

- One CD of video news clips of BerkShares coverage and an informational Power Point presentation

- One copy of Local Currencies: Catalysts for Sustainable Regional Economies, a pamphlet by Schumacher Center founder Bob Swann and Executive Director Susan Witt on the background and thought surrounding local currencies. (Other digital Schumacher Center pamphlets — along with many articles about local currencies — are available on the Schumacher Center website for free, and printed copies are available for purchase).


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