Bart Elsbach

Sheffield-based Bart Elsbach is one of America’s premier landscape artists, greatly influenced by the works of 17th and 18th Dutch Masters as well as the Hudson River School.  His work is set in locales throughout America and Europe, but more often depicts scenes from New England and has been described by some as a “celebration of the Berkshires.”


Mr. Elsbach was born in 1961, raised in Manhattan, and attended The Dalton School and the Art Students' League in New York City. He received his BA from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY and an MFA at New York University. He has taught privately, and at the Berkshire School in Sheffield and The Interlaken School of Art in Stockbridge.


Mr. Elsbach’s work has won numerous awards from the Sheffield Art League and the Kent Art League. He is currently represented by OK Harris Gallery in New York, David Klein Gallery in Birmingham, the Ferrin Gallery in Lenox and Townsend Gallery in Atlanta.


Mr. Elsbach’s work is delicately detailed, softly textured and imbued with light and muted color. It conveys a detached tranquility, expansive and serene, as well as a deep sensuality which evokes the scent of earth and leaves and the feel of the atmosphere on the skin.


"When I look at the world I try to understand how it is put together; how the little pieces I am seeing are connected to each other; how they are related to all the other, incalculable little pieces, creating an ever-larger reality, rippling out from the center to infinity," says Elsbach.


"'Whatever else we are, we are creatures of contrast,'" he states. "…The way to create a sense of light in a painting is through darks." This perspective is conveyed through a balanced juxtaposition of dark and light, as well as positive and negative space.