December 2006

Town Bucks a Trend

Hartford Courant - Janice Podsada - Susan Witt decided it was time to make some money for the town she has called home for 26 years. Lots of it.

So this spring, along with community groups that she enlisted, Witt printed a stack of bills - $774,000 worth, to be exact. The cash comes in ones, fives, 10s, 20s and 50s, beautifully engraved on paper just like real greenbacks from Uncle Sam.

BerkShares, a local currency that made its debut 10 weeks ago here in the southern Berkshires, is legal tender, backed by federal dollars, exchanged at four local banks.

Cash, Credit or BerkShares?

Metroland - Nicole Klaas - Residents of southern Berkshire County are doing away with the green and
making room in their wallets for crisp, colorful BerkShares, a new regional
currency that’s being used as part of an effort to encourage local
consumerism. For about two months now, community members have been able to
use BerkShares instead of federal dollars to purchase goods and services
from nearly 200 participating businesses.