October 2014

The Red Lion Inn

The Red Lion Inn
30 Main Street, Stockbridge, MA
(413) 298-5545

Rooted on Main Street in Stockbridge, the Red Lion Inn has been a hub in the Berkshires since 1773, says Sarah Eustis. She is a member of the third generation of the family that has been at the helm of the Red Lion since 1968. In that year, Jack and Jane Fitzpatrick bought and renovated the Inn, and moved their own fast-growing business, Country Curtains, into the ground floor.  The business has been evolving and growing ever since, says Eustis, C.E.O. of the newly formed umbrella organization, Main Street Hospitality Group, which is “comprised of all the talented individuals who have been based at the Red Lion now for many years.”


Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - 10:30am