August 2014

Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center

Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center
14 Castle Street, Great Barrington, MA
(413) 528-0100


What do Darlene Love, John Philip Sousa and BerkShares have in common? They have all held center stage at the Mahaiwe Theater in Great Barrington, a prize possession of the Berkshires and one of the oldest surviving theaters in the United States.

Every community deserves a place to celebrate and tell stories. Isn’t it ideal when that place also tells its own story? First opened in 1905, the Mahaiwe has anchored the downtown of Great Barrington for over 100 years, showcasing everything from Victorian Vaudeville to ushered nights out at the “talkies,” and from Broadway-caliber live performances to high-definition broadcasts of the Met Opera. Even the theater’s name has roots; Mahaiwe was the Mahican name for Great Barrington, meaning “the place downstream.”

Friday, August 1, 2014 - 3:15pm