November 2013

Daniel Bellow Porcelain

“The pottery is very quiet,” insists Daniel Bellow, owner of Daniel Bellow Porcelain.  And if you see his work you’re sure to agree.  Its strength is not in being flashy or cute, but rather in its gravity, simplicity, and its feel.  “This is manufacturing,” Bellow says, “can’t you see the clay under my fingernails?”

Bellow has been a full time potter for the past twelve years.  In 2000, he came back to ceramics—his “first love and passion”—after a 14-year detour into print journalism.  When asked how he has been able to make his pottery business work in a world that greatly favors cheap imports, he jokes that he considers it a miracle.  But then he will tell you that to make a living as a potter you have two options, you either need to have a nice teaching job or you need to sell pots.