Recycled Art











Funding Needed


Start Up:  ______


Use of Funds

Rent 3000K /mo

Utilities 300/mo

Labor 25K/mo

Insurance 150/mo

Marketing 1600K/mo


Projected Annual Budget


Income:   Commissions on sales

Visitor fees, potential vendors in space

Expenses: rent, utilities, marketing



Skills & Experience Needed

Community connections

Logistics knowledge



Competitive Advantage

  Made in Berkshires

  Recycling materials



Problem Worth Solving

The Berkshires have many large facilities whose by-products are shipped away and into landfills.  Can these materials be destined for better things? 

Your Solution

There are many artists in the Berkshires. There are many vacant industrial buildings in small cities in the Berkshires.  Artists can use the waste from industries in the Berkshires for art and display them in a public museum, using them as a teaching tool to talk about sustainability.


Market Opportunity - Who are your target customers and how will you reach them? How will you distribute your product or service? How does your idea meet an opportunity for import replacement?

This is an opportunity for schools, artists, and companies disposing the materials to have an environmental campaign. 

This could be a potential project of IS183 or MassMoCA


Your Competition

Direct: Museums like MassMoCA, the Berkshire Museum, the Clark Art Institute


Indirect: other grant seekers


Idea Pitch - What are you selling? Why is it important?

Art is a great medium for teaching.  Recycling materials intended for the landfill allows artists the opportunity to teach about the importance of sustainability.  Creating a gallery and museum space to display art allows communities to have constructive dialogue.