Paper Recycling










Funding Needed


Start Up: _________________




Use of Funds


Projected Annual Budget



Income:     ________________

Expenses: ________________



Skills & Experience Needed

  Large scale manufacturing

  Recycling for finished product

    EPA Compliance


Competitive Advantage

List at least three:


Social Enterprise – Evergreen Model

Local production for local consumption

Lower shipping costs


Idea Pitch - What are you selling? Why is it important?

Recycled paper goods for local consumption to divert paper from the waste stream.  It is a cheap and constant supply of raw materials.

Problem Worth Solving

Our industries in the Berkshires use a lot of paper products –non-profits and for-profit retailers and services a like. These products are (hopefully) recycled and taken to a facility that reuses them, but what if this process could happen locally?

Your Solution

The solution is a recycling facility that repurposes spent paper goods for local consumption. Historically, the Berkshires have been involved with the paper industry, so we have the capacity in our local paper mills. The alternative is a pick up service that drops off at paper mill recycling plant.

Market Opportunity - Who are your target customers and how will you reach them? How will you distribute your product or service? How does your idea meet an opportunity for import replacement?

The car-sharing aspect is attractive for residents with valid licenses who don’t own cars.

The taxi service is attractive to residents who do not have a drivers license, can’t afford a car and it’s maintenance, or those looking for a safe way to get home at night.  It’s attractive for drivers who wish to supplement their income.

Your Competition

The competition is:

New paper good retailers – W.B. Mason, Staples, etc.
Transfer station with recycling capacity 
Logistical Nightmare

Why Now?

Recycling paper goods within the Berkshires will cut down on our need to source from outside sources. If we can provide a low cost solution to local school needs, their resources can’t be reallocated towards more important needs.