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What’s paid in Barcelona stays in Barcelona in move to local currency

What’s paid in Barcelona stays in Barcelona in move to local currency
Ian Mount
Nov 03, 2015

People don’t like it when they're asked to accept a new currency. It sounds too much like they’ll be stuck with a kind of Monopoly money, like the Patacones that were issued in Argentina when the economy collapsed in 2001.

Do You Have Change for a Bowie?

By Dan Crane. Published in The New York Times on Sunday, August 9, 2015.

LONDON — Though paper money here typically bears the visage of Queen Elizabeth, the Brixton district of the city last month released a new 5-pound note designed by Jeremy Deller, an artist who won the prestigious Turner Prize in 2004. It features a fuzzy, psychedelic image of an androgynous face surrounded by rainbow clouds and coruscating, swirling etchings.
“I wanted something old-fashioned looking,” Mr. Deller said. “Something almost pre-currency.”

The BIG on Small Business

Keith Girouard, regional director and senior business advisor at the Mass. Small Business Development Center Network, sat down with Alice Maggio, BerkShares Coordinator, to discuss BerkShares, the local currency for the Berkshire Region, as well as other strategies for supporting locally owned businesses and local production. His monthly radio show is called The Big on Small Business: Ideas, Trends and Tools for Small Business. You can listen in on the 1st Wednesday of every month – 10:00-10:30 a.m on WBRK – 1340 AM in the Berkshire region of Massachusetts.