Cricket Meal










Funding Needed


Start Up:  ______


Use of Funds

Building costs







Projected Annual Budget


Income: wholesale, retail

Expenses: processing, cricket food



Skills & Experience Needed

Large Scale Manufacturing


Competitive Advantage

  Local manufacturing

Less resource intensive


Problem Worth Solving

Protein is necessary to human health but animal protein is taxing on the environment.  Is there an alternative?

Your Solution

Around the world, insect protein has caught on as an alternative to animal protein that is less extractive and cheaper.  In the Berkshires, we can use existing infrastructure to create a facility that can grow, process and package cricket meal.


Market Opportunity - Who are your target customers and how will you reach them? How will you distribute your product or service? How does your idea meet an opportunity for import replacement?

Cricket meal can appeal to omnivores looking for alternative protein sources.

Crickets can be raised within the Berkshires and meet a protein need without needing the resources required for animal protein production or shipping in protein.



Your Competition

The competition is:

Traditional proteins – animals and legumes.     

Idea Pitch - What are you selling? Why is it important?

Animal husbandry is the largest contributor to greenhouse gases.  Cricket meal is a sustainable alternative to animal protein and can be raised and processed within the Berkshires with little resources.