Cheese Brine De-icing Product










Funding Needed


Start Up: $30K


Use of Funds

Office Supplies $300/mo

Rent (warehouse) $3000/mo

Insurance $250/mo

Salaries (2.5 workers) $6000/mo

Payroll taxes $675/mo

Fuel $300/mo


Projected Annual Budget


Income:     $100,000

Expenses:  $126,300



Skills & Experience Needed

   Scientific credibility

   Logistics coordination


Competitive Advantage

  Low cost of goods



Idea Pitch - What are you selling? Why is it important?

The harsh, snowy winters in the Northeast wreak havoc on roadways. Each winter, municipalities purchase several tons of salt and other de-icing products to keep travel safe and accidents at a minimum.  While necessary, the runoff of these products is damaging to the ecosystem.

Problem Worth Solving

Road salt and sand is expensive.  Disposing of salty cheese brine properly is also expensive. Cheese brine can be used to substitute manufactured products. 

Your Solution

Inspired by cheese capital Wisconsin’s innovative measures to reduce waste and keep their roads safe, excess brine and whey from local cheesemaking facilities will be used as a liquid de-icing product on roadways throughout Berkshire County.  This addresses two problems: the recycling of a byproduct, whose proper disposal of cheese brine and whey methods is an issue of legality, as not to polute water, and the heavy price burden on municipalities.

Market Opportunity - Who are your target customers and how will you reach them? How will you distribute your product or service? How does your idea meet an opportunity for import replacement?

Municipalities, contractors, and hardware stores are all responsible for carrying road salt and sand during the winter. Because of the salinity of cheese brine and whey, processing facilities are required by law to properly dispose of the cheese making byproduct. Brine and whey can be obtained for free or cheese makers can be charged a fee, so these entities can work with local cheese makers to recycle product and cut down on costs. 

Your Competition

The competition is:

Direct: Tradition and non-traditional de-icing products.

Indirect: Global warming and warm, short winters. 

Why Now?

Global warming results in unpredictable environmental conditions.  If we can curb those effects, we can work toward a more sustainable and economic future.