Bicycle Competence







Funding Needed


Start Up: _________________




Use of Funds


Projected Annual Budget



Income:     ________________

Expenses: ________________



Skills & Experience Needed


Bicycle Repair


People Skills

Competitive Advantage

List at least three:


Cooperatively structured

Local ownership, recognized service


Idea Pitch - What are you selling? Why is it important?

Repurposing bikes and bike parts; utilizing used bikes to teach bike mechanics

Problem Worth Solving

The Berkshire Regional Transit Authority has a limited route coupled with limited hours of operation, making transportation for those in need of public transit difficult. 

Your Solution

The solution is to provide a fleet of repurposed bicycles and offer bicycle mechanics courses, which empowers bicycle riders to use their bicycles in intentional ways other than leisure. 

Bikes can be collected from police departments, transfer stations, and through donations.

Market Opportunity - Who are your target customers and how will you reach them? How will you distribute your product or service? How does your idea meet an opportunity for import replacement?

Bicycles are an easy and useful way to get around. It appeals to people who cannot afford cars or don’t have a drivers license, tourists, and residents at senior centers and housing development.  Bikes will be distrubted at a central location and available for rent, similar to the CitiBike model used in cities. 

Your Competition

The competition is:

Berkshire Regional Transit Authority
Used bicycle sales and repairs at Berkshire Bike & Board
Cars; lack of bike lanes

Why Now?

The Berkshires are an attractive place for people of all ages seeking rural living and people moving from cities might not have a car or license.  If we wish to attract a younger and educated population, we need to provide services that make living in the Berkshires attractive, accessible and affordable.   Bicycles are an environmental friendly and user friendly mode of transportation.  Teaching bicycle mechanics can keep cyclists on the road with resources to keep them safe and on the road.