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“All of our local businesses should trade in BerkShares,” says Catherine

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What would happen if everyone bought their gifts for the holidays locally? People talk about a "10% shift," but why not a 100% shift for the holiday season? How much more money would we keep here, in our community, supporting our tax base, our retailers, our artisans, our schools, our non-profits and our people? Just think how much cooler your presents would be if they were all locally made.  Find some gift suggestions in our BerkShares Holiday Shopping Guide.


Are you a young person who likes to make things and wants to learn how to turn your passion into a business?  Sign up for our Entrepreneurial Apprenticeship, open to South County youth ages 14 - 25.  Classes will be held at BCC's South County Center on Tuesdays from 3 until 5 in the afternoon.  Participants will learn the basics of business planning, with an emphasis on how to build an "import-replacement" businesses that produce something here that has previously been imported.  Local business people will offer presentations to inspire and instruct participants. Learn more here.